Author: Lorin McCann

Lorin grew up in the beautiful wine country of Northern California. She couldn’t have asked for a better location to begin her life, but it has only inspired her to seek out other incredible places around the globe. Plucking herself from a life of plans and structure, her seminal voyage into the realm of international travel began with an open-ended ʻtripʼ to the Cyclades islands in Greece. She was so taken with the islands that she has lived there on and off since 2009. Her travels have since expanded to Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, and Turkey and also include many regions of the US. Like many, she naively assumed the travel bug would subside, but the fever now appears seasonally, much like a persistent allergy. Travel has brought the seductive qualities embodied in the quotation by an unknown author, “Your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers”, to fruition.

Her relatively brief jaunts to foreign destinations have humbled her to how much she doesn’t know about this beautiful world and increased her desire to know more. She loves to write, snap pictures, sample new foods and see how many places it is possible for her to fall asleep in/on. It’s a growing list.

May 2, 2011
April 25, 2011