Author: Micky Shaked

Micky Shaked was first left behind by his dad in a bathroom at O'Hare International Airport when he was six, and then again by his mother at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival when he was ten. Despite his parents' attempts to make him the real-life Joe Dirt, Micky has been successfully navigating his way through strange lands since he was little. Whether it's the jagged Bhutanese Himalayas, Marrakesh's wondrous maze that is the Jemaa el Fna, or a psychedelic trance festival in the magical Andalusian forest, Micky has had himself a fair number of adventures. Thankfully, he decided to share them with this boundless world on This Boundless World.

Micky also uses his bountiful spare time to write sports articles for and Bleacher Report. He provides personalized bedtime stories, which can be requested at

January 19, 2012 /