Bath, England: Best Cookery Schools

You’ve sampled the delectable dishes Bath’s most prized restaurants and cafés have to offer, so what now? How about donning an apron and jumping behind the scenes into the kitchens of some of Bath’s best cooking schools, where new skills and recipes make for lifelong souvenirs that you can share with friends and family back home.

The Balmy Kitchen:

Booking a short course at The Balmy Kitchen (4 Kensington Place, Bath) is a fantastic way to unleash your cooking potential. Laraine Hare is an ex-caterer and teacher who runs sessions from her home, demonstrating techniques, sampling different foods and discussing the health aspects of various ingredients as well as cultural and personal approaches to cooking, all in a friendly and informal setting. Each session lasts about four hours and includes a three course meal, wine and a folder of recipes and ideas. Prices start from £40 per head ($62) for a group of 8 or more people.

Demuth’s Restaurant:

The Vegetarian Cookery School run by Rachel Demuth of Demuth’s Restaurant (2 North Parade Passage, Bath) provide first-class lessons in creating gourmet vegetarian food. The location of the school is only a short walk away from the award winning restaurant and sessions are run by experienced chefs who host a massive variety of different courses throughout the year. It’s a little bit pricier than your average cookery lesson, but the vast selection of cuisines from around the world and professional advice are definitely worth it. Consider taking an evening class from 6:30pm – 9:00pm, which is only £45 (around $70) and includes tasters, a light supper, wine or soft drinks and a course recipe folder.

The Bath Chocolate Museum:

Sweet toothed travellers should definitely consider a chocolate initiation workshop at The Bath Chocolate Museum (15 Abbey Church Yard, Bath), where a 2½ hour course starting from £60 per person ($94) lets you sample aromatic dark hot chocolate and crushed cocoa beans, then get some hands on experience making your very own chocolate to take home.


The Fine Cheese Company:

If you’re still not satisfied, visit one of the many  specialist food shops and markets that pepper the city. The Fine Cheese Co. (29 & 31 Walcott Street, Bath) prides itself on collecting the finest handmade cheeses in the UK and Europe and can give you specialist advice on accompanying wines and biscuits.

The Bath Farmers Market:

Finally (though not a cooking school), The Bath Farmers’ Market is held every Saturday at Green Park Station between 8:30-1:30pm, selling a huge variety of quality, fresh, seasonal produce at a fair price.

And so concludes our full flavoured guide to the many delectable delights that Bath has to offer and we hope that you enjoy them thoroughly (though you may find you need to be wheeled back to your hotel afterwards).

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