San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua: What is Sunday Funday?

Sunday Funday Tanktop

If you’ve been traveling in Nicaragua for any period of time you’ve surely seen people walking around sporting those black “Sunday Funday” tank-tops and asked yourself “What is Sunday Funday anyway?”  The short answer is that it’s a big party, but here’s the long answer filled with important details if you’re thinking about doing it. […]

Peru: Ripe Fruits of the Inca Trail

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When planning a trek along Peru’s Inca trail, I certainly did not realize that I was in for such a fresh and wild culinary adventure. Lining the luscious green trail during rainy season were a bounty of avocados, mangos, bananas, and coffee beans. There’s nothing like the ripest, juicy mango to accompany a tough hike. […]

Beervana: Craft Microbreweries of Portland’s Pearl District

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Portland, Oregon has been touted as a top microbrewery destination of the nation, if not the world. Portland’s trendy Pearl District – home to Powell’s City of Books, boutique shopping, and elegant dining – is a must-visit spot (for more information about all that the neighborhood has to offer, see “The Pearl” contains a […]

Historical Pub Crawl on King Street, Bristol

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In the mid 18th century, Bristol was England’s second largest city and a hotbed for merchants and sailors who sailed across the Atlantic, importing exotic goods like cocoa, rum, tobacco and sugar. Bristol is well known for its maritime history, and taverns and alehouses along the harbour side (the majority of which had been established […]