Five Campervan Essentials for an Amazing Icelandic Road Trip

Iceland CampervanSo you’ve seen your friends amazing photos of Iceland all over your Instagram feed and decided you just have to see it for yourself.  Does that sound about right?  Well, you won’t be disappointed!  At least not with the countries natural beauty.  The prices that you end up paying for things like lodging, tours and mediocre food will surely make you sad inside.  But not to worry, there’s a sure-fire way to have a great time in Iceland while saving some cash.  Yes, you can get yourself a Campvan!

How Does Campervaning Work in Iceland?

Let’s get a few things cleared up first.  You will not be the only person with this idea.  In fact, the Campervan situation is a pretty common way to travel around Iceland.  So much so, that you can just rent one like you would any rental car and be on your way.  In addition, there are tons of campsite scattered all around the country and they don’t book up and do not need reservations.  I’ll say that again….they DO NOT need to be reserved in advance.  Lastly, you don’t need to be a camping expert to survive in a Campervan for a week.  Its pretty simple and the rental company will show you how everything works before you leave with the vehicle.

Iceland CampgroundWhat is Included in a Campervan?

Any Campervan you get will have the basics included.  These are things like a mattress to sleep on, a cooler, a grill, storage, and utensils.  But this article is more about those not-so-standard things that your going to want to have in your Campervan.  The idea is to help you choose a rental company that can offer these things, so you’re not stuck in an uncomfortable situation.  And let the record show, that we don’t endorse any particular rental company…nor do we give a shit who you choose.

The Five Campervan Essentials:

  • Stand-Alone Heater:
    • Perhaps you weren’t aware, but Iceland is a cold place…even in summer.  So those nights sleeping in the back of a van can be quite uncomfortable if you don’t have some heat.  Luckily many Campervan rentals come with stand-alone heaters that you can run at night off of a second battery that charges during the day while you drive.  Its the perfect plan!
  • Window Covers:
    • If you’re traveling to Iceland in the winter, then this won’t matter.  But if you are like most people and your there in the summer, you’ll probably want window covers to block out that pesky sun that never seems to set.  In addition, these give you some privacy while your sleeping and changing cloths in the back of the van.  Ours worked by using small magnets in the covers that could be attached to the metal frame of the van.
  • Mobile WiFi Device:
    • Yes, you can get a Campervan with a WiFi hotspot so you wont have to look up from your phone…maybe ever!
  • Sleeping Bags:
    • Camping in a cold environment without sleeping bags is never a good plan.  And they can be life savers if your heater doesnt last the night…like ours did.  The sleeping bags saved us.
  • Refillable Water Jug:
    • The tap water in Iceland is excellent!  If you’re buying bottled water here, there’s something very wrong with you.  Despite that bottled water is worse for you than tap and costs a lot more (especially in Iceland), buying bottled water creates an enormous trash problem for a tiny island country like this.  So please don’t be ridiculous.

Campervan Window CoversAnyway, that’s it.  I’m sure you’ve read a ton of articles like this one, but hopefully this can help in your search for the perfect Icelandic experience.  Its an amazing place with tons to see and do.





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