Honduras: Mayan Copan Ruins Price List

Copan Ruins, HondurasThe Mayan ruins at Copan are some of the most fascinating remnants of the Mayan classical period in Central America…and by far the best examples in Honduras.  They are located on the western tip of Honduras near the border of Guatemala just outside the town of Copan.  Yes, the ruins and the town share the same name.

The Copan Ruins are easily reached from major cities in Honduras.  However it is typically faster to fly into Guatemala City and travel directly from Antigua.

Finding the Copan Ruins from Copan Town:

The town of Copan itself is pretty small and the ruins of Copan are conveniently located just outside it.  From the north east corner of Copan there’s a walking trail that will lead you right to the ruins.  It takes about 8 minutes on foot.  You’ll know you’re going the right way when you pass a river on your way out of the town.

Price List:

This is the price list for foreigners.  However, keep in mind that Honduras citizens have a separate price list that is nearly half the price.

  • Archaeological Park and Las Sepulturas:  $15 USD
  • Sculpture Museum:  $7 USD
  • Archaeological Museum:  $3 USD
  • Tunnels Under Archaeological Park:  $15 USD

Copan Ruins, HondurasThe ruins themselves are great to see.  Obviously that’s why you want to go in the first place.  However the Sculpture Museum is a little dull if you’re not an archaeology buff.  Just be warned.

Copan Town:

Once you’ve had enough history for one day, you can easily spend the remainder of your time exploring the town itself.  It won’t take long, but there are some nice restaurants and café’s to hang out at.

March 27, 2014