How to Get to Playa Blanca from Cartagena

Playa Blanca, ColumbiaPlaya Blanca is a stretch of beautiful white sand that sits on the southwest corner of Isla de Baru in Colombia. It’s often considered to be the nicest beach around the city of Cartagena and is a frequent get away for tourists and locals in the area.  To reach Playa Blanca, you will need to take a boat south through the Bahia de Cartagena. There are two ways to do this.

Short and Expensive:

This is the most common method and involves taking a tourist boat that will drop you off right at Playa Blanca. All boats leave from across the Plaza de la Aduana and take about 45 minutes. They usually depart around 9am and return at around 4pm. Upon arrival, you will have the option to take an island tour of the Islas del Rosario or simply just get off at Playa Blanca.

If you choose to stay the night on the island, there are loads of accommodation options usually in the form of cabanas or hammocks, but you will have to pay approximately $10 for the return fee the following day.

These boat trips usually cost anywhere from $20 USD to $40 USD and sometimes include lunch. There is a $6 USD departure tax as you depart Cartagena.

Long and Cheap:

The long and cheap method is just that…and tends to be the “less traveled” route by tourists. However it is a common way for locals to reach the island who don’t have a lot of money to spend on transport. The whole trip takes a little over 2 hours and costs about $5 to $10 USD.

To complete this trip, you will need to make three connections. The process involves a bus, ferry, and water taxi. Ask your hotel or hostel for the specific details.

Accommodation in Playa BlancaAmenities:

Food, water and alcohol are all available on the island but at inflated prices. There is minimal electricity and no plumbing. This is the type of place that when the sun goes to rest, so do you.

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