Mexico: Things to See and Do in Tijuana (if you came to party)

Really?…there are tourist attractions in Tijuana?  Well, kind of.  It’s true that Tijuana doesn’t have your “traditional” tourist draws.  Unless you consider an old fashion Donkey Show a traditional tourist attraction, you might be a little disappointed.  However if you’re curious as to what the major attractions in Tijuana are, I’m gonna break them down for you here.

La Revolucion Ave:

It’s the main commercial center in Tijuana but more importantly it’s where everything goes down.  This is where you go to shop, drink, get drugged up and to get shagged.  Yes, it’s a cesspool.  Yes, it can be sketchy.  But hey!…this is where nearly everyone goes when they go to TJ.  So whether you’re in town to participate or just to observe, it’s the most lively place in the city.


As stated above, people come to TJ to drink!  Although this may not be very alluring to us over-21-year-olds, those who are under 21 can binge drink legally until they find themselves in a pool of their own mess.  However it’s important to mention that the party has slowed down quite a bit in the last few years due to violence stemming from the drug trade.  Although, tourists not looking for trouble rarely find it.

Pharmacies & Drugs:

Legal or illegal, people do come to Tijuana for the drugs.  Whether you’re a senior citizen looking for a better price on your prescription drugs or a college student looking to score some cheap over-the-counter narcotics, you’ve come to the right place.  Pharmacies line the main avenue of La Revolucion and tend to look more like bars than Pharmacies.  So yeah, they cater to the party crowd too.

As for illegal drugs, they can be purchased on the streets around La Revolucion.  But be warned, drug dealers are often working with the police so it’s best not to even get involved.


Another aspect to Tijuana’s seedy tourism scene is the prostitution.  Like everything in northern Mexico, it’s been affected by the drug trade but hookers can still be seen hanging out on La Revolution Ave.  Personally I wouldn’t recommend partaking in this sort of activity but if you do, make sure you have some buddies with you because this is a great way to get yourself into trouble in a multitude of ways.


Okay, so it’s not actually in Tijuana but it’s really close.  An easy 15 minute drive south of TJ takes you away from the chaos and the filth of the city and gets you to a nice quiet beach town called Rosarito.  There isn’t much to do there, but maybe that’s just what you want.  There are a number of hotels over-looking the beach and a few nice bars that serve you drinks right on the sand.  It’s also a popular spot with the spring break crowd.

Just off La Revolucion Ave there is a bus stop where you can catch a van/bus that will drop you off on Rosarito’s main street.  It makes a few stops on the way but it only costs $5 USD for the trip.

There you have it!  If you decide to go, hopefully you have a good time.  But if you’re in that area, I also recommend checking the rest of northern Baja.  In many respects, it’s much nicer!  Enjoy and be safe.

Daniel Royse Written by:

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