Mount Baldy, CA: Hiking Trail List [Difficulty and Distances]

Welcome to Mount Baldy!  Is it a tiny cluster of hiking trails, a full-on resort area, or a remote community of mountain hillbillies living on the fringe of Los Angeles?  In reality, it may be a little of all three, but technically Mount Baldy is a recreational area located on the southern edge of the Angeles National Forest and it offers a little bit of everything.  Within Mount Baldy you can go hiking, camping, biking, skiing and snowboarding and find accommodation, food, drinks and live music.  Personally, it reminds me of a tiny Lake Tahoe…minus giant the lake.

How to Get In and Out:

There are only two roads in and out of the Mount Baldy Recreation Area, and they both meet up at the Visitors Center where they proceed to wind up to the end of the road just below the peak at the Mount Baldy Ski Lift.  Here, you can take a gondola to the highest point.   The two routes into the area are:

  • Mt. Baldy Road
  • Glendora Ridge Road

Hiking Trails Explained:

Hiking Trail Difficulty Distance (One Way)
San Antonio Falls Trail Easy 0.6 Miles
Bear Canyon Trail to Bear Flats Moderate 1.75 Miles
Bear Canyon Trail to top of Mt. Baldy Strenuous 6.4 Miles
Ice House Canyon to Ice House Saddle Moderate 3.6 Miles
Ice House Saddle via Chapman Trail Moderate 5.4 Miles
Ice House Canyon to Ontario Peak Strenuous 6.1 Miles
Ice House Canyon to Big Horn Peak Strenuous 5.8 Miles
Ice House Canyon to Cucamonga Peak Strenuous 5.9 Miles
Ice House Canyon to the 3 T’s (Timber/Telegraph/Thunder Mtn) Strenuous 7.5 Miles
San Antonio Falls to top of Mt. Baldy via Ski Hut Trail Strenuous 4.6 Miles
San Antonio Falls to top of Mt. Baldy via Devil’s Backbone Strenuous 6.8 Miles


Food, Drink and Lodging:

Remember, you’re in the middle of a national park so just be happy that there’s anything at all.  I know I was shocked to see these places open and functional.  They all have a rustic/biker/mountain/tourist feel…if that makes any sense.

  • Buckhorn Lodge
  • Mount Baldy Lodge
  • Harwood Lodge

Where to Camp:

There’s only one official campground in the Mount Baldy Recreation Area, and it goes by the name of Manker Flats.  It hosts 21 sites that cost $14 per night, and they don’t take reservations.  There is one blue removable porta-potty and potable water available.  If you can’t find a spot in the campground, there is the option of camp around some of the trails….although fires are prohibited outside the official campgrounds.

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