New York City: What are Small Low Priced Micro-Capsule-Tiny-Room Hotels?

Micro, Capsule, Tiny Hotel in New York CityOkay, so you want to visit New York City and not break the bank paying for expensive hotel rooms?  Oh, and you also want to stay “in the city” and not across the bridge in Brooklyn, Queens or god forbid New Jersey?  And to top it off you’re past the stage of staying in hostels, cause maybe you’re too old or just too damn sick of people coming in drunk at all hours of the night waking you up?  Wow!…lots of requirements.  BUT fortunately for you there is one option left.

Due to the lack of space and high prices, New York (or rather Manhattan) hotel owners have come up with a solution to your dilemma.  They’ve adopted a micro-style (capsule) hotel room for people that just want a simple bed to crash in and still be close to all the action of Manhattan.  No, its not glamorous and don’t try to take your wife or family to one of these places, but if its just you, you can pull it off without a problem.  Let me break it down for you.

Micro, Capsule, Tiny Hotel Rooms in New York CityWHAT IS A MICRO-HOTEL (CAPSULE HOTEL)?

The micro-style hotel room is a small…very small, room that’s typically about 6 feet long by 5 feet wide (give or take).  It includes a twin bed and a night stand.  That’s it!  In fact in many cases the bed may be slightly smaller than a regular twin bed in order to fit it in the room.  In most cases your luggage will have to sit on the floor in front of the door while you sleep and then be put on the bed once you get up.

The walls are not exactly walls, but more like partitions that provide privacy yet do not prevent noise from moving between them.  So a big downside to this style of hotel room is that you can still hear some of the people near you.  Ear plugs are recommended!  The bathroom and toilet are shared with the rest of the rooms.  Sometimes there are a few singular bathrooms and sometimes they are communal.


Here’s a couples things to know when you’re thinking about a micro-hotel room.

  • Check-in, grab your key and head to your “room”.
  • You will probably notice a huge room filled with small doors, each leading to an even smaller single “hotel room”.
  • Unlock your room and do your best to fit your luggage inside.
  • You should have a lamp, a night stand and a small bed.  Not much else.
  • Restrooms are probably around the corner…and not very clean.

Micro, Capsule, Tiny Hotel Rooms in New York City

In New York City, Ive mostly noticed these kind of hotels around the Chinatown and Lower East Side areas.  I know there are a few located on Bowery St.  Here are a few that exist at the time of writing.

  • The Bowery House:  About $50 per night
  • New World Hotel:  About $40 per night
  • Bowery Grand Hotel:  About $40 per night
  • Jane Hotel:  About $90 per night


Do not bring your wife here.  Do not bring your kids here.  This is a one-man-show….and thats it.  Its a bed in a prime location with almost no amenities.  But I have to say that I don’t mind them.  In my experience they were always clean-ish and cheap, but definitely not a place I would bring guests to.

Micro, Capsule, Tiny Hotel in New York CityADDITIONAL MID-RANGE OPTIONS:

These places will be a step up from the places listed above.  They cost a bit more but will most likely be cleaner and offer more amenities.  They may have options for in-room bathrooms as well.  The POD franchise is a particularly popular option.

  • PODs (39 and 51):  $120 to $175 USD
  • Arlo Hotel (Hudson Square and Nomad):  $180+
  • Yotel:  $180+
  • CitizenM:  $220+


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