Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Shooting Range Price List

If you’ve traveled in southeast Asia you’ve no doubt heard the stories about the legendary shooting range in Cambodia.  This militarily operated gun range on the outskirts of Phnom Penh offers the unique opportunity to shoot all types of exotic weapons that are most likely unavailable to you in your home country.  Some of the more remarkable selections include AK47s, Hand Grenades, and Missile launchers.

For those with a more sadistic side, you can even blow up a cow with an RPG…for the right price of course (approximately $300 USD).

The Experience:

In the Phnom Penh city center you should have no trouble finding someone to take you to the gun range as all tuk tuk drivers are eager to bus you around.  Once outside the city you will be taken to a military base where you will be given a “Gun Menu”.  This menu lists the types, prices, and rounds that you can choose from.  For more explosive weapons (grenades and missile launchers) you will need to drive to a location further outside of town.  From here, simply pay the lady at the counter, go to the designated shooting range and fire away!

There is limited information available on this activity outside Phnom Penh and many guide books shy away from writing about it.  So for that reason we’ve published the price list for your viewing pleasure.  Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change.

The Cambodian Military Shooting Range Price list (in USD):

Cambodia Shooting Range Price List

Be safe and enjoy!

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