Story of the Year: The Constant

For some reason I had completely forgotten about Story of the Year, at least up until a few weeks ago.  Now the situation has changed significantly as my Ipod seems to be “stuck” on one album; that album being The Constant, the latest release from Story of the Year.   

This is the fourth release from the St. Louis rock band, but only their second with Epitaph records.  In 2003 Story of the Year began to receive national attention with the release of their first LP; Page Avenue on Maverick records.  Since that time they’ve released a 2nd record through Maverick (In the Wake of Determination) and another two through Epitaph (The Black Swan & The Constant). 

After going back and listening to the entire Story of the Year collection, I’ve come to the conclusion that The Constant is by far their best effort.  It doesn’t stray too far from what they’ve done in the past but more or less combines all their best attributes into one comprehensive work.  The album is a tribute to the bands versatility and really explores the range of their musical ability as it moves from slower melodic songs to radio-friendly songs and on to heavier songs that somehow remind me of the late, great Dimebag Darrell (guitarist for Pantera). 

Although the album covers a fairly wide range of sounds, it’s still very much “classic” Story of the Year with their use of harmonics, higher pitched vocal ranges, and growling screams.  And if you ever get the chance to see them live, make sure that you do.  They put on an energy packed show that will leave you exhausted by the end. 

At this point I would tell you to make sure you listen for their single I’m Alive.  But since the days of “radio stations playing rock music” seem to be behind us, I’ll just say make sure you preview it online.  In which case, you might as well check out the entire album.  Here it is…

Track Listing:
1. The Children Sing
2. The Ghost of You and I
3. I’m Alive
4. To the Burial
5. The Dream is Over
6. Remember a Time
7. Holding on to You
8. Won Threw Ate
9. Ten Years Down
10. Time Goes On
11. Eye For an Eye

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