Top 5 Things to See and Do in Guatemala

Guatemala, the name just rolls off your tongue beautifully and what’s not to love about this place right? This central American country is such a delightful place to visit because of the weather and it’s many unique tourist attractions.  So if you’re planning to travel anytime soon and Guatemala is the destination, then you need to know which tourist attractions to visit and why you shouldn’t miss seeing them!

Lake Peten Itza:

After visiting all of the other places mentioned above, it’s time to stretch out and relax at the Lake Peten Itza or Lago Peten Itza. This place receives more than a hundred thousand tourists every year so there must be something good about it right? Right! Because if you’re a nature lover and you’re also at least slightly interested archaeology, then this place is perfect for relaxation and discovering new things! Now sit back and enjoy the lake!


If you’re wild at heart and looking for that adrenaline rush, why don’t you visit one of the many active volcanoes that dot the Guatemalan landscape. Visiting volcanoes has always been a fun activity for tourists looking for some adventure and this volcano should be a wonderful place to get that blood running in your veins.

The Tikal National Park:

Established in 1979, this declared UNESCO World Heritage Site is the place to revisit the wonders of the pre-columbian mayan culture and discover just how great our ancestors were in the field of architecture. These ancient structures have stood the test of time and are testaments to just how far the human civilization has come from when we were living in mud huts and caves.

Lake Atitlan:

Do you want to enjoy nature at its finest? Then Lake Atitlan should be your next destination, its remoteness inspires people to get in touch with their inner self and makes you more aware of just how great it would be to live in a place where all forms of pollution is non-existent. Lake Atitlan is a huge lake surrounded by indigenous species of trees and animals and is perfect for the nature lover to appreciate.

Antigua Guatemala Cathedral:

Now if it’s spiritual awakening that you’re looking for, then look no further than this centuries old cathedral. The Antigua Guatemala Cathedral receives thousands of tourists every year not only to be closer to God but to bask in the majesty of this very solid structure that has definitely stood the test of time. And if that’s not impressive enough try thinking about the number of earthquake’s it’s survived as well as the wars that have added to its endearing characteristics!

It’s no secret that Guatemala has had a long and tumultuous history but all of that is in the past, today, this country is a peaceful and productive place with lots of places to visit and enjoy for the typical tourist who wants to enjoy every minute of their vacation.

Aside from these great historical spots that give Guatemala the popularity it deserves as a great place to visit, there are also bars and restaurants dotting the city to entertain visitors from all over the world!

So if you want to visit one of the greatest central American countries, head for Guatemala and enjoy!

Suzy Kay Written by:

Suzy studied at The University of Washington where she completed a double degree in Political Science and Sociology. She has lived in Paris, France and has also traveled extensively as proven in the wear and tear on her red Chevy and backpack. Suzy started her career in public affairs for a lobbying firm in Washington D.C as well as working with various local and national campaigns throughout the D.C metro area. She currently resides in Seattle, WA where she enjoys kayaking, wine tasting and travel. Whether it is simply taking road trips throughout the United States or wandering through Europe, she has no shortage of stories to tell.