Author: Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers was born in Farmington, New Mexico (where the only nightlife is Wal Mart). She was fortunate to be born into a home where fashion and food would be her first languages. Jacqueline’s mother was raised on a farm in Oregon where she made everything she wore, and her daughter grew up helping her to shine shoes and hem pants in the family’s tuxedo store. Jacqueline was always wearing the most avant garde compositions of outfits, and her broad perspective on life and desire to always learn more were the main motives for a study-abroad trip to Linkoping, Sweden, when she was 15.
Since moving to LA in 2006, Chambers has worked with many influential individuals in fashion, hospitality, and entertainment, and has given it her all to break down any doors that stand in her way, thus leading her to brush shoulders with Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, Alexander Wang, and more to finally launch her own styling and consulting firm, where she travels to fashion week in NYC and Europe. There are also tons of fun vacations and shopping excursions that must be shared!
As an entrepreneur and producer, Chambers is constantly on the go and uncovering new and awesome secrets in the world that she loves to expose the world she is uncovering. So thank you for reading, stay fabulous, and enjoy!

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