Los Angeles, CA: Crazy Quirky Facts About Cypress Park

Cypress Park, Los Angeles - Ice Cream TruckAfter moving to Cypress Park a little over two years ago, I realized that most Angelenos dont really know anything about it.  Despite its central location, most people just lump the neighborhood into the greater North East Los Angeles (NELA) district centered around Highland Park.  However, as more outsiders begin to move in and more houses start to flip, there has become an increased interest in the area.

To that note, I thought it was only fitting to briefly write up some of the strange and quirky things that Ive been noticing during my time here.

1. Chickens Roam Freely in Some Backyards:

Cypress Park - Chickens in YardDespite being next to downtown you can still spot some homes that have a farm-like vibe to them.  Look closely enough and you’ll see chickens and roasters running around some of the backyards in the area.  Try not to rent a place right next door to one of these homes, or you may have an early morning wake up call every day.

If you’re worried about the noise….don’t be.  This is not a very common sight.

2. Cypress Park is a Very Film Friendly Location:

Huron Substation Cypress Park, Los AngelesOne thing I didnt necessarily expect to see was all the filming that goes on here.  Its not over the top, but still fairly consistent.  Most of the filming that Ive seen has taken place in the area where Fig and San Fernando meet.  Footsies Bar and the Huron Substation are two popular locations.

Some of the popular movies, shows and music videos that have been filmed here are:

  • Footsies Bar:  Bad Santa (Film)
  • Footsies Bar:  Barry (Series)
  • Footsies Bar:  Live Your Life by T.I. and Rihanna (Music Video)
  • Huron Substation:  Bright by Echosmith (Music Video)
  • Huron Substation:  NCIS New Orleans (Series)
  • Huron Substation:  The Kids Are Alright (Series)
  • Unknown Location:  The Fast and The Furious (Film)
  • Unknown Location:  Catwoman (Film)
  • Unknown Location:  Date Night (Film)
  • Unknown Location:  Heros (Series)
  • Jeffries Ave:  I Got The Hook Up 2 (Film)

3. Cypress Park is Filled with Small Road-Side (semi legal) Taco Stands:

Cypress Park, Los Angeles - Taco StandYou might expect this from an area like Cypress Park, but I had to mention it because I absolutely love these little places.  Cypress Park is packed with great Mexican and El Salvadorian restaurants, many of which are little more than a cart with plastic chairs.  Some are actually permanent restaurants that are simply a tent, chairs and a grill.  In the evenings the smell of grilled carne asada can be noticed anywhere, and the food tends to be great!

4. Old school Ice-Cream Trucks still Drive the Streets:

Cypress Park, Los Angeles - Ice Cream TruckThis is probably the most noticable strange and quirky thing about Cypress Park, so I had to save it for last.  On any given day, you’ll see various old-school ice cream trucks driving up and down the streets.  They sell all kinds of cold sugary treats and are typically no more than just a van with ice cream stickers all over it.  Be sure to drive slowly as kids are often running close by.

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