Travel For Work: Most Annoying Business Terms

Travel For WorkIve been working the “business world” for over 10 years now.  So I feel its only fitting that I vent a bit and compile my Official list of the Most Annoying Business Terms.  These are the phrases and sayings that I hear so often that it makes me cringe and question my life choices.  If you’ve been in the white-collar world for a while now, you’re sure to have heard them.  If you’re just starting out, this should prepare you for whats to come.  Beware!

Circle Back: 

Let’s start out simple.  This one is so common that I almost forgot that it’s really business slang for “Follow Up”.  In fact, it doesn’t really even annoy me that badly.

  • Definition:  Follow Up
  • Used in a Sentence:  “Let’s circle back with that in the morning.”

The Ask: 

If you would have asked me six years ago, I would have said that this one would never catch on.  How wrong I would have been!  I first noticed it in the consulting world.  Now I hear it everywhere.

  • Definition:  The Request
  • Used in a Sentence:  “Ive got to admit, I’m lost…what’s the ask here?”


Yup, that’s right…Bio-Break.  Its a fancy, non-offensive way to say “take a shit”

  • Definition:  Use the Rest Room
  • Used in a Sentence:  “Let’s take five minutes for a quick Bio-Break.”


Swirl is kind of a good one.  This is what happens when issues go round and round and never get resolved.

  • Definition:  When issues go back and forth amongst a group without any resolution
  • Used in a Sentence:  “I’d like to just reach out to our vendor and get a straight answer so we can avoid all this swirl.”

Out of Pocket:

Not sure where this one came from, but it’s just a more annoying way of saying “Out of the Office”.

  • Definition:  Out of the Office
  • Used in a Sentence:  “I’ll be out of pocket most of next week, so maybe we can circle back on Friday.”

To Be Continued…

I’ll be updating this as a way to vent as I discover more insane phrases at work.  Don’t you worry about that!

July 10, 2019