Travel For Work: Most Annoying Business Terms

Travel For WorkIve been working the “business world” for over 10 years now.  So I feel its only fitting that I vent a bit and compile my Official list of the Most Annoying Business Terms.  These are the phrases and sayings that I hear so often that it makes me cringe and question my life choices.  If you’ve been in the white-collar world for a while now, you’re sure to have heard them.  If you’re just starting out, this should prepare you for whats to come.  Beware!

Circle Back: 

Let’s start out simple.  This one is so common that I almost forgot that it’s really business slang for “Follow Up”.  In fact, it doesn’t really even annoy me that badly.

  • Definition:  Follow Up
  • Used in a Sentence:  “Let’s circle back with that in the morning.”

The Ask: 

If you would have asked me six years ago, I would have said that this one would never catch on.  How wrong I would have been!  I first noticed it in the consulting world.  Now I hear it everywhere.

  • Definition:  The Request
  • Used in a Sentence:  “Ive got to admit, I’m lost…what’s the ask here?”


Yup, that’s right…Bio-Break.  Its a fancy, non-offensive way to say “take a shit”

  • Definition:  Use the Rest Room
  • Used in a Sentence:  “Let’s take five minutes for a quick Bio-Break.”


Swirl is kind of a good one.  This is what happens when issues go round and round and never get resolved.

  • Definition:  When issues go back and forth amongst a group without any resolution
  • Used in a Sentence:  “I’d like to just reach out to our vendor and get a straight answer so we can avoid all this swirl.”

Out of Pocket:

Not sure where this one came from, but it’s just a more annoying way of saying “Out of the Office”.

  • Definition:  Out of the Office
  • Used in a Sentence:  “I’ll be out of pocket most of next week, so maybe we can circle back on Friday.”

To Be Continued…

I’ll be updating this as a way to vent as I discover more insane phrases at work.  Don’t you worry about that!

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Daniel Royse is the founder and editor in chief of the online travel publication, This Boundless World. He has written numerous articles on travel, business and politics and has recently completed his first full-length novel titled The Watermelon King. Daniel is an obsessive writer and explorer who has backpacked to over 50 countries, spanning five continents. To the disbelief of many, he still enjoys long, hot bus rides through chaotic places. More information about The Watermelon King can be found at Contact: danroyse(to)