BOOK REVIEW: Bushcraft Illustrated

Bushcraft Illustrated…is the 5th book in the 5 part wilderness survival series written by renowned survivalist, Dave Canterbury. The book outlines (with illustrations) various techniques that someone can use in order to survive and live off of the land. It teaches the reader a variety of methods that can be used to make cloths, collect and store water, hunt, forage, build shelter and navigate surroundings.

Dave Canterbury is one of the leading experts on bushcraft and wilderness survival, and as always, has produced a book full of great information…most of which, makes you wonder how on earth he knows this stuff.


This book is intended for the person who truly wants to learn to live off the land and have a life closer to nature. Its geared toward how to make what you need from the land, rather than simply survive until you can be rescued. There are many books out there that have a similar feel, but its important to note that this book (and the entire series) is about bushcraft rather than emergency survival.

Bushcraft Illustrated By Dave Canterbury


If you’re looking for a guide to help you survive a situation where you’re lost and alone, then there are better options on the market. As stated above, this book targets more of a niche segment of people who are looking to live in the wilderness, not just survive in it for a short period of time.

For example, there are sections of the book that teach you how to build a chair or a pack out of materials in nature. This is great for the bushcraft enthusiast, but not necessarily the most crucial if you’re stranded in the woods.


This book is full of great information. I personally read it all the way through, which is probably not the way it was intended to be used. Overall I thought it was an easy read with a ton of great information. As I stated above, I believe its best suited for the bushcraft enthusiast rather than someone looking for a crash course in emergency survival.

Bushcraft Illustrated By Dave Canterbury


  • Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival
  • Advanced Bushcraft: An Expert Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival
  • The Bushcraft Field Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild
  • Bushcraft First Aid: A Field Guide to Wilderness Emergency Care
  • Bushcraft Illustrated: A Visual Guide


  1. Packs
  2. Tools
  3. Cordage and Knots
  4. Containers and Cooking Tools
  5. Camp Craft
  6. Firecraft
  7. Navigation
  8. Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping
  9. Processing Game
  10. Plants
  11. First Aid
  12. Appendix. Next-Step Tools


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