Cuba: What is a Casa Particular?

Due to the inefficiencies of the state-run communist economy the Cuban government has needed to make some free market concessions over the years. One of these being the ability of citizens to rent out their homes to tourists traveling in Cuba. Casa Particular literally means “personal house” and is a term used in Cuba to […]

Mexico: Things to See and Do in Tijuana (if you came to party)

Really?…there are tourist attractions in Tijuana?  Well, kind of.  It’s true that Tijuana doesn’t have your “traditional” tourist draws.  Unless you consider an old fashion Donkey Show a traditional tourist attraction, you might be a little disappointed.  However if you’re curious as to what the major attractions in Tijuana are, I’m gonna break them down […]

Coffee and Sunsets in the Land of Pura Vida

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Quepos, Costa Rica, located five miles north of Manuel Antonio. No doubt that commercial growth has affected Costa Rica over recent years. Hotels and restaurants have sprung up at a rapid rate, and souvenir and surf shops have elbowed in alongside mini supers (short for mini supermarkets and similar to an American convenience store) among small […]